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"With These Hands, I CAN"



"With These Hands, I CAN" is an in house program offered at Marcella Ellis Schools, which promotes self sufficiency through teaching disadvantage adults and youth skills to obtain employment or develop their own business in the Natural Hair/ Make-Up and Waxing Industry.

Our mission is to train women and youth through this program to become the  new millenium Stylist by performing the most innovative skills on the market today. Our program allows individuals the opportunity to attend Marcella Ellis Schools to learn valuable relevant business skills, to build and maintain a clientele in today's economic times. In addition to teaching skill, we offer training in social media networking and advertising, bookkeeping on QuickBooks, tax reporting, business management, how to online schedule your appointments, and run and operate your business from your smart phone. "With These Hands, I CAN" is a self empowerment program designed to put those with economic disabilities, back to work in their neighborhood and communities.


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